Monday, November 16, 2015

Underwater Wonder

We love opportunities to go on field-trips, because they give the children valuable experience of the big-wide-world outside of New Day and our little village, as well as being a whole lot of fun.  Our generous sponsor, Cummins, offered to fund a trip to the Beijing Aquarium, and we eagerly accepted.

It's a pretty long bus ride from our little village up to the big city, and everyone was excited to get out and stretch their legs when we arrived. 

Enya was happy to hold the flag and lead the way!

The dim lighting in the aquarium is not conducive to photography, but we did manage to get some shots of the kids (and helpers) admiring the fish.

Awe and wonder!  This was Nora's very first field-trip, and she was transfixed.

A favorite part of the day for everyone was going through the 'tunnel' where you get to see the fish on both sides and above you.  This is Nathan's "wow!" face:

When you say the word for "fish" in Chinese, your mouth ends up looking like a fish mouth (see above), which is kind-of funny!

After seeing all the fish, there was a little time left to visit some of the animals in the zoo.  Nora thought that it was hilarious when they went down a slope really fast.

Kevin as a penguin?  Enya was amazed by the transformation.

It was a wonderful day out, and we'll put together a scrapbook soon with even more pictures of the fun (and the fish).

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