Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Michael

Last Christmas at New Day Foster Home we got two very special gifts: Michael and Josiah arrived!

Michael was just a couple of months past his third birthday when he came into our care.  He had been given a BAHA device to help with his hearing, but he needed regular appointments and speech therapy in order to get the full benefits from it.  His orphanage asked us if we would be able to help...

When our Speech Therapist started working with Michael, it was clear that he was great at remembering signs.  He has daily Speech Therapy sessions and is making such good progress.

In March, Michael moved out to live with a local foster family.

Although they arrived at the same time and have the same special need, Michael and Josiah came from different orphanages and didn't know each other until they arrived here.  It has been great for them to be able to learn sign language together.  In August Josiah was able to go to live with the same foster family as Michael.

We just love seeing Michael's amazing smile!

Michael's name was chosen for him by the family that he has been matched with (his original English name was Gideon), and it looks like he's going to be joining them pretty soon.  We're glad that we've been able to care for him this year, and have loved watching him make such excellent progress with his communication, but we're overjoyed that he will be part of a forever family.

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