Thursday, November 5, 2015

NDSouth: The Price of Beauty

It's hard for our kids here at New Day South to get much cuter....

but when it's time for hair beter watch out.

Hayden was awesome sitting so calm & relaxed during his haircut!

What a great GeGe example for Thad!

It's okay Thad, you're almost done!

Just blowing off the stray hairs....

and now it is Miss Sadie's turn.

Unfortunity, as is the norm here when a child undergoes a surgery, they often return home with a half shaved head.  We'll cut it all even so it can grow out beautifully for Sadie.
And the final results are great!  Aren't they Zeke?

The haircut tears have dried, and look how handsome Thad is!

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