Sunday, November 22, 2015

NDNorth: Leon and Paul

Leon and Paul have become great friends since Paul moved into our room. They love to play and explore together – whether it’s in the kitchen, playing with blocks, or playing in the ball pit, they have a fun time wherever they go!

They spend so much time together that they are starting to pick up habits from each other. We caught them sleeping in almost the exact same position during nap time, even though they were laid down on their backs facing the opposite direction. These two are too cute! 

Because they are so close in age, they are also pushing each other to develop and grow. If Paul can say “baba,” then Leon wants to learn to say it too. If Leon can stack three blocks, then Paul  will want to try it too (or, to keep things interesting, he might also try and knock over the stack that Leon just made). Just the other day, Leon took his first few steps! Watching Leon practice walking has made Paul want to practice his standing and walking too. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!

Keep working hard little friends. Your friendship is so much fun to watch as it blossoms and grows. You add lots joy and fun to our room!

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