Friday, October 9, 2015

Visiting Nora

We posted about Nora's visit back in August, but when we were looking for photographs of her for the September updates*, we found that we didn't have any more recent pictures of her.  Not a problem - our photographer lives in the same neighborhood as Nora and her foster family, so she paid them a visit!

Nora was very excited to have a visitor, and immediately grabbed Gan Lu by the hand and pulled her into the house.  It shows that she has a good memory, because she usually only sees Gan Lu briefly once a month.

"Look, look at my watermelon ball!" Nora was excited to show off her toy.

They decided to move the 'photo-shoot' outside for better light...

Hasn't Nora gotten tall?!  She hasn't turned two yet, but her foster-mama said that she's taller than their neighbors' child who is almost three!

She also gets prettier and prettier every time we see her.  How is that even possible?

It must be something to do with all the love that she's getting from her wonderful foster-family.  As their bio on our website says, her foster-parents chose to foster "because we love kids very much.  We hope to help and love these orphans with all of our hearts because they need to be loved.  We hope that they will be able to feel the love of a family with us".  It looks like it's working out pretty well, doesn't it?

*Our sponsors receive monthly updates written by the child's carer, along with an up-to-date photograph.

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