Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Therapy Tuesday: Eli Lends A Foot (Or Two)

Something very cute happened in the therapy room the other day.

Eli and Freddy sitting like this on a mat is kind-of-adorable just in itself, but what is super-cute is how Freddy got onto the mat...

Sharon wanted Freddy to move from the floor onto the mat.  She was encouraging him to move himself, but Freddy found an easier way; by pulling on Eli's feet!

He grabbed hold of Eli's feet, which helped him to shuffle up onto the mat.  Eli watched his progress...

"Oh, sorry Eli, did I hurt your feet?" Freddy wonders.

"Ha, not really!".  I've heard of 'lending a helping hand' before, but whoever heard of lending your feet?  Eli thought it was pretty funny.


  1. Hi. Do they talk in Chinese? Or verbalise using sounds?

    1. Eli and Freddy are learning to speak Chinese. The 'conversation' here is imagined not verbal :)