Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Madelyn

Madelyn has been here at New Day Foster Home for almost four years.  When she arrived, she was just over a month old; she had been abandoned at the gate of her local orphanage when she was three days old, and she'd already had emergency surgery.

Her story is a truly amazing one.  That she survived the first five months of her life with the kind of damage that she had in her intestine was declared to be "medically impossible"!

Surviving one scary medical condition is difficult enough, but Madelyn also had a serious heart condition.  After her initial emergency GI surgery before she came into our care, which never would have been carried out if the doctors there had known about her heart condition, Madelyn had several more GI surgeries before finally being able to have heart surgery in August 2012.

We are so incredibly thankful for Madelyn's miracles.  She has grown into such a sweet little lady, so full of life that it's hard to believe that she almost didn't survive.

We were overjoyed when we heard that she had been matched with her forever family (which is when her name was changed from Lydia to Madelyn).  We know that they will cherish this precious miracle girl, and that she will bring so much joy to her new family.

Readers of this blog with a good memory may be thinking "Madelyn already had a Transformation Tuesday post".  Yes, it's true, there was this post in celebration of her third birthday.  We're pretty sure that her story is so incredible that it's worth retelling though.

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