Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Elliot

Did you know that Olivia's Transformation Tuesday post was seen on Facebook by more than 22,000 people, and the blog was read by over a thousand?  It was a pretty amazing transformation, and we’re happy that so many were inspired and encouraged by hearing her story and seeing the progression of pictures.

Not all of our transformations are that dramatic though.  Sometimes today doesn’t look that different from the arrival pictures, and there is no edge-of-your-seat surgery story.

The dramatic stories gain the attention, but the not-so-dramatic stories can be just as beautiful.

Elliot was abandoned at the baby hatch of his local orphanage, a ‘safe place’ for families to anonymously leave children.  He was three months old.  The note left with him said that his family was unable to provide treatment for his heart disease.  The picture above was sent to us by his orphanage, and taken around the time that he first came into their care, while the first picture (with the pink hat!) was from the day that he arrived here at New Day.

Elliot remained at the orphanage for seven months, before coming to New Day Foster Home at the end of last year.  Less than a month after he arrived, he was able to have his heart surgery and then move out to live with a local foster family.  His foster-parents love and care for him excellently, and he has Hope for a foster-sister.

We're so glad that Elliot was able to have the surgery that he needed.  That his birth-parents had to leave him in a baby hatch for him to be able to get it is a heart-breaking tragedy, but that tragedy is in the process of being transformed into something beautiful.  Elliot is matched with his forever family, and he will be meeting them soon!

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