Friday, September 25, 2015

Our Sweet Violet

Whoever picked out Violet's name (her English name, you can read about names here ) chose well. Violets bloom in the shade, and are described as 'beautiful innocent bystanders of nature's woodland paths'.

Violet moved out to live with her foster family not long after her arrival here (which was more than three years ago, how time has flown) so we have never had that much opportunity to get to know her.  She isn't a noisy or attention-grabbing child.

She is certainly blooming though, and she has a delicate beauty that pictures can't quite do justice to. Sometimes videos capture it better...

Violet's turn to hold the card for the Weather Song - don't miss her cute little "yes" at the end!

Violet adores her preschool teacher, Abby, and you get to hear her sweet little giggle when they play.

Like a flower, Violet brightens our days.  We hope these short videos of her have brightened yours!

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