Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Amazing Staff: Gloria, Preschool Teacher

Did you know that yesterday, September 10, was Teachers' Day here in China?

Sarah, principal of our education department and a wonderfully thoughtful person, took the opportunity to make a special gift to honor Gloria, our amazing preschool teacher.

She'd printed lots of pictures of Gloria and her many precious students over the years, and pasted them into a beautifully decorated scrapbook.  I bet you'd love to have a look though it...thankfully, Sarah shared the files with me, so you can have a peek!

Gloria has been working here since 2001.  First as a nanny, but then, as she had previous teaching experience, she became Sarah's teaching assistant.

She gained confidence and new skills, and eventually Sarah was able to put the preschool into her capable hands.

The scrapbook has so many great pictures of Gloria having fun with her students (surely one of the main requirements for being an awesome preschool teacher).

Lots of field-trip pictures too.  Sarah revealed that on field-trips, Gloria is always the one that keeps track of everything, all the diapers and snacks and 'stuff' that is required when going out for the day with little ones.  Where would we be without her?!

Hooray for teachers, and especially for Gloria.

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