Sunday, September 6, 2015

NDNorth: A Tale of Two Little Girls

It's playtime for Clara. Her nanny is teaching her all about pushing buttons with her fingers to make sounds.

But then, who is this crawling around the corner? Why, it's Miss Selah!

Clara is reading a book now - what's so funny, Selah? You don't have something up your sleeve, do you?

Selah: Do you guys want to hear a joke I just learned?
Clara: 'scuse me, would you be quiet? I'm trying to read here.

Selah ignores little Clara and tells her joke anyways....

"That looks like a good book, Clara! Look at that page! Look at that picture! Here, let me point for you. Do you want me to turn the page? Do you want me to read the book? Do you want me to explain this to you? I understand it all, you know."

Selah: Isn't it lovely being a big kid?!!
Clara: For you, maybe. May I please finish this book now? I'm working on my developmental goals!

Selah: Okay, sure. Just let me give Ayi a kiss.
Clara: *pouts* I like kisses too.

Selah: Well then, here you go.

The End

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