Wednesday, August 19, 2015

NDNorth: A New Arrival

The moment when the nanny from downstairs in the orphanage comes up, with a little bundle in her arms... a bundle of a baby who needs a little more care than the busy nannies downstairs are able to deliver... it's exciting.

Little Yang was abandoned in January of this year, just a few-week old baby with many special needs, the greatest of which being hope. He was transferred to another foster care center in Beijing for testing and surgery, and just recently returned to the orphanage - stable, but needy. 

Now he's in our arms, and we're falling for him... falling hard.

Yang is travelling a long and rough journey right now, he's been through a lot, and will probably have to survive through many more struggles... but he's a fighter. We have already watched him fight courageously, although wearily, and Yang has endured. 

Right now he's only in our care during the daytime, when our nanny-to-child ratio is higher, and it looks like Selah is pretty intrigued with her new little brother... 

Oh yes, you are so loved by so many, little one.

It's truly amazing. Yang, although he has been fighting hard for so long, has not forgotten how to smile. Don't you just love his victorious little grin? It's as if he's saying, "Yeah, I know. I'm special."

That you are, little one, that you are.

Welcome, Yang. It's good to have you here.

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