Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NDNorth: A Moment with Kristiana (and Timothy)

Kristiana is amazing us these days.

She's so determined to please, and we knew that it couldn't be long until she amazed us... and last week, her progress has been nothing short of exciting.

Because of her neurological disorder, Kristiana's muscles are tight, and it takes her a lot of extra energy to learn how to do things like roll over, reach for toys, sit up and crawl. But someone must have forgotten to give Kristiana the memo that extra effort is hard... because she's been working diligently with a smile on her face and now, well... just look at her!

Kristiana can identify pictures, and point to the ones she recognizes. She can wipe her own face, and she can SIT UP on her own. That's the one that's blowing our mind these days - it's taken lots of work on her end, and lots of encouragement and patience from her nannies, but Kristiana can do it! She's balancing, steadying herself, and loving every minute of it.

Read more about Kristiana HERE.

Coming next...? Kristiana crawling!

p.s. if you didn't watch Timothy's antics in the video above, I recommend another viewing, Because he's hiariously adorable.

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