Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Luke

Luke celebrated his 4th birthday last month, and he's been with us since he was sixteen months old. That's plenty of time to see a beautiful transformation from chubby-cheeked baby to the fun, handsome guy that he is today.

Those cheeks...

It's so sweet to look back at Luke's first Thanksgiving with us, and his first Christmas.  Didn't he make an adorable little shepherd?!

As you can imagine, his beautiful eyes, 'squishable' cheeks and fun personality won everyone's hearts!

Early in 2013, Luke was able to move out of the foster home and go to live with a local foster family. He's thrived in their loving care.

Soon he wasn't a baby anymore, walking and talking and attending preschool.

Luke was born with GI issues; he had his first surgeries before he came to New Day Foster Home, and another procedure in October 2013.

Another Thanksgiving, and Luke getting more and more grown-up...

Luke has always had such a fun, extroverted personality.  He loves to play with friends, make jokes and entertain everyone!

He's 'all boy', full of energy and maybe just a little bit of mischief...

You can get a little glimpse of his personality last summer in this post, from when he was still named Seth (before he was matched with his forever family).

It's sad to think about how all these special growing-up moments have taken place in this New Day family instead of him having a family of his own.  It's been our privilege and joy to watch him grow, but we've wanted more for him.  The great news?  He doesn't have too much longer to wait!

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