Thursday, July 16, 2015

NDSouth: Hayden's Birthday Party

Today was a very special day ~

Today was Hayden's Birthday!

After Birthday cake, it was time to open the presents!
We showed Hayden how to use his new piano... took a few 'runs through' to figure it out, and once he did, he LOVED it!

It wasn't only Hayden who loved the new floor piano,
the toddlers had to check it out!

Ruth, Thad and Nina were facinated that they could make music with their steps!

Naomi and Evelyn loved tiptoeing up and down the keyboard!

Hayden was an excellent sharer with his new toy!

The afternoon was filled with squeals of laughter and the sound of music ~ priceless

Hayden you are a year older, and we are so proud of you!

Our Birthday Prayer for you is that your Forever Mommy and Daddy will find you, and your next Birthday will be with your forever Family!

Happy Birthday Hayden!

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  1. Hayden is such a joy to see! That smile is contagious!! Praying his forever family finds him soon. They will be blessed!!