Sunday, July 5, 2015

NDNorth: Tummy-time for Ruby

She's 18 months old but last week, for the first time that we know of, Ruby got to spend some time playing on her belly.

She's struggled with GI issues since she arrived into our care, and even after an operation a few months ago to help her grow strong, her nannies didn't feel comfortable putting Ruby on her belly. It's time, though. She's gained weight and strength, and although she's still an itty bitty thing who can do so few of the things one would expect a child her age to be able to do... it's time to start challenging her.

Ready for some new positions and activities, Ruby-girl? Don't look so concerned, it'll be fun!

We'll start with more floor-time. Laying on your side is a great start! But we have bigger things in mind for you, dear girl.

Uh-oh, sitting up is giving us the stink-eye. But you look great!

Alright, darling, ready for some tummy-time? Is it making you sleepy? That's just fine - lots of people sleep on their bellies!

One... two... three... lift your head up! That's it - good job! You did it, Ruby!

Wait, before you decide that you don't like being on your tummy, let's show you all of the fun things that you can do. See - here's a toy. You can play while on your belly!

There you go, sweet girl...

See, it's not that bad.

Alright, alright. We've got the point. You're done for now... 

But next time, Ruby... next time maybe you'll be able to hold your head up for even longer! 

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