Sunday, July 19, 2015

NDNorth: Three Amazing Kids

Because most of our kids aren't yet able to stand up on their own, but they're at the age when weight bearing is so critically important for their growth and development, they need to do therapy in the stander each day. We've turned standing time into an educational time, and so Emerson, Kristiana and Stephanie's nanny works with them each day, teaching them how to read books, play with cause-and-effect toys, and how to communicate. 

Emerson prefers to throw toys off of his tray and then laugh at us... but he's becoming more and more interested in actually playing with whatever toy we've given him. 

Kristiana is a quick learner, and she's super spunky. The other day, as we walked into the playroom during standing time, we saw that the kid's nanny was teaching them all how to sign "get down" before she would get them out of the standing frame. And guess what? The kids had learned how to sign it and were signing for their nanny! We're so proud of them all.

Can you sign, "bird," Stephanie? Good job!

What about your teeth? Do you know where those are? 

Stephanie really shocked us with her strength last week. The leg immobilizers that Stephanie usually uses to help keep her legs straight while in the stander were downstairs (we were doing therapy with some of the other children in the orphanage), but Stephanie's nanny wondered if maybe she would be able to stand without them.

And guess what....?

She can!

We are so proud of all of our kiddos! They are amazing. 


Stephanie, Emerson and Kristiana are all available for sponsorship! The information is right HERE

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