Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Morning with Luke

Luke has been pretty quiet here recently, but it's not because he hasn't been busy! He's been growing and maturing into his role as the big brother of the room. 

Guy time! Luke loves it when friends come to visit. 

Clara had spent some time in the standing frame, and the foam pieces that help her stay safe and upright had fallen all over the floor. Luke made sure they got back to where they belonged. 

Being a big brother is a big job and these babies are ready for their mid-morning snack. Luke cooked up some yummy treats in the balcony.

Watch our little chef in motion!

Is the food all ready, Luke? Time to eat!

Not easy to get that food from bowl to mouth. A little help, please? 

Whew. This growing and learning thing can be exhausting. 

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