Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Gabriel and Caleb

Gabriel came to New Day Foster Home almost two years ago, when he was just twelve days old.  His huge, beautiful eyes and sweet personality won our hearts right from the start!

Last year he had both of his ENT surgeries, and was able to move out to live with a local foster family.

Caleb came to us when he was ten months old, and he had already had his first ENT surgery.

He was also able to move out to live with a local foster family, and he had his second ENT surgery earlier this year.

So, what do these two cuties look like now?

Our baby Gabriel is now a handsome, active almost-two-year-old!

Sweet Caleb will turn two in October, and he's thriving in the care of his foster family.  We love seeing his smile when he comes to visit.

Two adorable little guys with a special need that you can see in these photographs, and another need that is much more serious...the need for a family.  It looks like Caleb is going to be leaving soon to join his forever family, but Gabriel is still waiting.

Could you, or a family you know, be Gabriel's forever family?

For more information on adopting a child with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, this website has some useful links.

Gabriel is listed on CAWLI's page as "Male, DOB 8/2013, Repaired Cleft lip and palate".

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