Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NDNorth: A Little Show-off

Hannah's been making amazing progress lately. Despite the fact that she has special needs, she's working really, really hard to reach all of her age-level goals. It's exciting to watch her grow from a passive, fussy little baby into a mobile (hands-and-knees), talkative (video at the bottom!) and silly little girl.

For one, she's mastered clapping her hands. And that developmental goal to, "shows pride in own accomplishments"? Yep, she's got that one down too!

What about playing pretend? No problem! All I had to do was hold my own hand to my ear and say, "Wei?" (the typical way Chinese answer the phone) and Hannah quickly snatched up a block off of the floor and took the call.

Imitating? Posing? No problem there, either. 

Maybe we should show you the video we took of Hannah showing off some new book-reading skills. What do you think, Hannah? Should we show them?

I'll take that as a yes...

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