Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NDNorth: Pearly Whites

Where could Kristiana and her nanny be heading off to on this bright, sunny day? It's too early in the season for the kids to be going out to play... what could possibly convince our our nannies that it was okay to take the children out into the wind? 

Kristiana doesn't care, she's just happy to be outside... at least that's what she thinks right now.

You came too, Freddy? Oh my... it almost looks like you're on a dentist's chair. Is that why you're opening your mouth wide?

Aha! So it is a trip to the dentist. Don't worry, Emerson, we're sure that she's gentle. 

Stephanie doesn't have any problem keeping her mouth wide open. Just look at those beautiful white teeth, they're lovely.

Chad doesn't seem too worried, he only has a few teeth anyways. 

Oh dear, now it's your turn, Kristiana. You're looking a bit nervous. Don't worry, if you've been brushing well, then there should be no ouchies. 

Good news! All of our children had their teeth checked, and passed the dentist's examination with flying colors. The visiting dental team from America was quite impressed with our kid's teeth. Keep brushing, little ones!

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