Friday, May 15, 2015

Maggie's Miracle

If you follow our Facebook page you have probably seen our precious new arrival, Maggie. Maggie will be one year old at the end of this month, and was diagnosed with a GI defect. She is currently in the hospital recovering from her very sudden liver transplant. Her life is already a miracle, and we are excited to get to know her and watch her story unfold!

Maggie was in the care of another foster home in Beijing, but they were not able to pay for the liver transplant that she would need so they asked us if we would be able to help. Initially we did not have a bed available for her to come straight to New Day Foster Home, but we went ahead and had her name put on the waiting list for a liver.

On Monday morning, we got the call that a liver had become available for Maggie. It sounded like a perfect match for her, so we quickly headed to the hospital to meet with the doctor AND to meet Maggie! Maggie was still in the care of the other foster home when we got the call, so we let them know the news and they rushed her to the hospital. When our staff arrived at the hospital, Maggie had already arrived and was waiting in the lobby. We quickly said goodbye to the women who brought her, and she was placed into our care. 

There are many tests and scans required before a transplant can take place to give the surgeons a good idea of how everything is working inside the patient. During the time before Maggie’s transplant, we rushed her all around the hospital for tests and scans. She did wonderfully, and hardly cried through all the poking and prodding from doctors and nurses. We fell deeply in love with Maggie just in the few hours we got to spend with her before her surgery. Her big, deep, yellow-tinted eyes, sweet contentment, and brave spirit stole our hearts immediately. 

At 5:00 PM Beijing time we signed the surgery papers, and handed our sweet Maggie into the arms of the surgeon. As the big metal doors closed in front of us, our hearts began to beat faster. Maggie was about to receive a gift of new hope; a hope for a bright and healthy future. We were warned that Maggie’s transplant surgery was quite risky, and could take over 12 hours. We found some chairs in the lobby, and the waiting began. 

Each hour seemed to drag by as we waited for news. Our hearts were in our throats as we paced back and forth and up and down the hospital hallways. It quickly became Monday night, and then just as quickly became the early morning hours of Tuesday. At 2:05 AM we received word that Maggie’s new liver was in, and they were getting ready to close up. We sighed a huge sigh of relief as the doctor said “She did really good!”  At 2:45, the doors opened and we caught a glimpse of Maggie as she was being rolled out of the OR into ICU. After almost 11 hours, her surgery was done. Maggie had a new and healthy liver working in her body, and her recovery had begun. After speaking with Maggie’s surgeon, we learned that Maggie’s new liver came from a 7 month old baby. We don't know much else about Maggie’s donor, but we are so thankful for the family that decided to donate life. Such a selfless decision to provide hope to others, even in the midst of their loss and grief. Beauty from ashes. 

Just 6 hours after her surgery, the doctor updated us and said that Maggie was awake! Then on Thursday morning, we were updated that she was off the ventilator and  breathing on her own. Our Maggie is amazing us with her progress! On Thursday she was able to move out of ICU and onto the regular ward, so now one of our nannies is with her. We are in awe of the miracle that has happened in Maggie’s life. We know Maggie’s future is beautifully bright and full of hope! Welcome to New Day, sweet girl. We look forward to having you home from the hospital soon!

This post was written by one of our current volunteers, Melissa.

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