Thursday, April 16, 2015

NDSouth: Gone Fishin'

In case you haven't figured it out by now...

...we know how to have a fun time here at New Day South!

Noelle has caught a big one!  

Reel it in sweetie, use those muscles!

You did it!  Way to go Noelle.

Margaret is helping with the next one!

Your turn Margaret! You can do it.

Well done, Miss Margaret!

Hayden loves to hear and feel the cranking of the fishing rod as he reels it in.

You are so observant Hayden, trying to figure out the mechanics of the fishing rod.

Margaret loves to help Hayden, oops looks like the fish is snagged on Margaret's toes!

A boy and his fishing rod, Hayden loves fishing.

The playroom river is teeming with fish today!  

Our PR Staff Sukey is getting in on the action today.

Wow Naomi, you caught a big one!

Looks like Noelle has a call on her fish phone.

Anna's turn! 

Now that was fun, the day we went fishing in the playroom!

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