Friday, April 3, 2015

Hanging Out With LEGEND

Hannah and the backyard star in their second blog post this week; we couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell you all about some exciting visitors that turned up recently.

These are the guys from LEGEND, a relatively-new-but-already-pretty-famous K-Pop (Korean pop) band from South Korea.  They came, bringing donations, for a tour of the Foster Home, and hung out in the backyard with the kids for a while.  They also agreed to give a little performance...

...except, as these pictures show, it was Hannah that was the true star of the show.

She certainly taught those boys a few moves.  They were in awe.

High fives all round!

High fives for Annabel too, although she wasn't quite so excited about the whole pop-star thing.

She let them be the adoring fans for a change, while she just readjusted her socks.

They said they would come back to see us again next time they're in Beijing, so now our backyard really does have everything; cute kids, a friendly dog, a fun playground, and our very own pop-stars.

Look out for a 'Spring Fling' post coming soon - lots of cute pictures of kids collecting Easter eggs!

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