Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Housewarming Party: You are invited!

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy, some jitters, and a lot of smiles that we invite you to the official and virtual housewarming party for New Day North's newest project. That's right, our work is expanding again!

An apartment in the city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia has been rented. The painters finished up their work last week and we're busily cleaning as I type this. The place is empty and ready, ready for cribs and storage cabinets and floor mats and fire extinguishers and all of the other essentials needed to successfully care for children.

Exciting stuff, isn't it?

Starting now, right now, we're hosting a little Housewarming Party for the new place, and you are invited! Yes, all of you.

What's that? You'd like to know what you can bring?

I'm so glad that you asked.

We need practical things (like rent), safety related items (fire extinguishers, etc.), basics (cribs!) and educational-related items (a stander, therapy ball, etc.).

To make it simple, there is a list of what we need below. We've calculated the estimated cost of each item, doing our best to get accurate numbers. Some of these items, such as rent and paint, have already been purchased, thus our recorded costs are accurate. Other costs are based off of the current average price for each particular item, and then rounded up a bit to help with shipping fees.

Because shipping is so expensive, and being good stewards of our funds is our #1 priority right now, we will be purchasing as much as we can domestically. I wish that it was reasonable in an economical and practical way for you to actually go shopping for these items, but it's not. Rest assured! We will make sure to get pictures of the particular item that you "bring" so that you can feel like you actually did bring it.

And now, with that all out of the way, here's our "Wish List"

The Basics
  • Rent, $492/month. We need 12 months. (2/12 sponsored)
  • Paint, $201/room. We have four rooms that need to be painted. (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Foam Mats, $1.3/each. (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Cribs, $115/each. (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Wardrobe, $50 each. (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Storage bins, $13 each. (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Toy shelves, $62 each.  (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Changing table, $50 (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Chest of drawers, $98 (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Medicine cabinet, $90 (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Clothing Hamper, $10 (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Security Cameras, $80 each (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Oxygen machine, $262 (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • CO detector, $21 (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Smoke alarms, $33 each.  (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Washing machine, $656 ((FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Air conditioner/space heater, $819 (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Fire Extinguisher, $8 (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Water dispenser, $17 (FULLY SPONSORED)
  • Desk, $66 each. (1/4 sponsored)
  • Printer, $100 (0/1 sponsored)
  • Internet, $180/year (0/1 sponsored)

"Bring" something by making a donation HERE (click the 'donate' button next to New Day North Fund), and then send Hannah an e-mail to let her know what you've brought so that we can update our list.

The party is about to start, and we cannot wait to see you there

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