Friday, April 10, 2015

A Busy Week

Ever have one of those weeks where everything is happening at once?  It’s been one of those weeks around here.  Suddenly a lot of surgeries seem to be happening or about to happen!

Lily had heart surgery today, Friday afternoon China-time.  The surgery took three hours, and apparently it went well.

Chris is also in the hospital waiting to have a minor operation.  Hurry back, sweet boy!

We’ve also been waiting to get calls saying that Ari and Caleb are going to be admitted to the hospital ready for their surgeries.  Ari’s infection has finally cleared, so he should be able to have his shunt replaced, but unfortunately he's just come down with a cold, so he'll have to wait a little longer.  Caleb is ready to have his second ENT surgery, and he will hopefully be admitted to the hospital this coming Monday.

Grace, our medical director, has been very busy, and there have been a lot of trips back and forth between New Day and the various hospitals in Beijing.

The big news around here though, has been about our new arrival Connie.  At the end of last week, Connie was still on the ventilator after her first kidney surgery, which was to try to stop the tumor in her kidney from growing.  She was battling an infection, which was making her platelet count too low for her to be able to have a desperately-needed second surgery.

Finally, on Wednesday, she was able to have surgery.  After a long day of waiting, she went into the operating room, and the surgeon came out after 3.5 hours to say that the tumor had been successfully removed.

We are so thankful!  Connie had not been expected to survive, but now she is recovering in ICU and we’re looking forward to having her back here.  Hers is already an Amazing Story just waiting to be written...

More good news…Gan Lu has been busy adding a couple of asterisks to our website.  Judah and Nelson now have the * next to their names which mean that they are matched with forever families!  We are so happy for these precious boys.

What’s the best thing to do at the end of a busy week?  Take the kiddos strawberry picking, of course.  They’re on a field trip today – look out for some adorable pictures!

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