Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Poppy

Poppy arrived at New Day in September, 2013, not long before her first birthday.  She had been abandoned and found in a city far from here, a four-and-a-half month old baby with heart disease, and taken to the local orphanage.  The orphanage was able to send her all the way to Beijing to have the heart surgery that she needed, but they were not able to cope with the bringing her back for regular follow-up appointments, so they asked if Poppy could come to live at New Day.

Poppy's bio, written when she first arrived, says "she is curious and sweet and we look forward to watching her transform and blossom".

That is exactly what we have been doing!  Poppy has been doing a whole lot of transforming and blossoming.

Poppy was able to move out of the Foster Home to go live with a wonderful local foster family.  Every time her foster mama brought her back for a visit, we got to see a bigger, sweeter girl.

She learnt to stand and walk, and drive a car...

It has been a delight for us to be able to share her pictures.  Often, her expression is serious...

...but sometimes Gan Lu manages to capture a wonderful, light-up-the-room smile!

Poppy, we are so glad that you were able to blossom in the garden of New Day, but we know that you are going to thrive even more when you get to join your Forever Family one day soon.

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