Monday, March 30, 2015

One Spring Afternoon

It was a perfect early-Spring afternoon.  The backyard was bathed in a golden light, a gentle breeze blew and birds chattered in the trees.  A group of nannies gathered around the sandbox, where Lydia and Jack were contentedly playing.  They were encouraging Hannah to say her numbers, along with the Chinese hand signals* for each one.

Judah, with a volunteer in attendance, was wheeling around the yard, pulling a scooter along behind him like a pet dog.

Hannah quickly persuaded me to play, so I pushed her on the swing and admired her box of snail-shells.  The treasured box was placed safely near the swings, but nearly met with disaster on the merry-go-round...

Hannah knows the sign for 'snail'!

Delicious smells wafted from the new kitchen, so Hannah and I peered inside to see what was cooking.  Millie was sitting in the kitchen with her nanny and Hannah wanted to join her, but her snails were not welcome…

Our two favorite ‘special smile’ boys passed by with their foster mamas, collecting new clothes from the store-room.  Good growing, Caleb and Gabriel!  Caleb will be ready for his second ENT surgery soon.

Josiah appeared at the back door because his speech therapy session was done and he was ready to play.  He was soon happily settled on a swing, being pushed by a volunteer.

Gideon and his soon-to-be new foster mama have been spending time getting to know one another, so they were hanging out in the backyard too.  What better place or time of year for it; a new beginning in a place where new life is budding.

There was such a sense of peace.  Each child doing their own thing, alongside adults that love and care for them.  The backyard carefully tended and immaculately swept, a wonderful environment for the kids to play.  Foster families visiting to receive the supplies and support that they need as they care for our kids.

New Day Beijing backyard on a Spring afternoon; a truly beautiful place to be.

* A top tip if you are planning a visit to China – these hand gestures are very useful when shopping.

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