Friday, March 27, 2015

Help, We Have A Problem...

We have a serious problem.  We've had this problem for quite some time, but it just got real serious a few days ago.

Jack had a haircut, which made him look kind-of grown-up, but also even cuter than ever.

He is just far too cute.  Those big, heart-melting eyes...what can we do?!

The puppy-dog expression is way too adorable.  We need to make him smile.  Maybe Annabel can help?

Nope, now we just have a super-cute grumpy face.  Need to try something else...

Now he's looking thoughtful - maybe he likes this?

Oh Jack, we see the beginnings of a smile...

Stop it, stop it!  You are just far too sweet.

There's nothing for it, you need to be snuggled.

Don't say we didn't warn you - Jack is dangerously cute.

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