Friday, March 20, 2015

Bringing Love and Creativity

Often when volunteers and visitors come to New Day Foster Home, they will make a little room in their luggage for some much-needed supplies from our needs list.  Meredith, a current volunteer, also brought some rather special gifts for the children...

"I wanted to introduce my friends to the idea of orphan care and get them involved specifically with my trip to New day so I organized a blanket-making party for the ladies and girls!  Each group worked on a blanket for a specific child and committed to remembering that child!!  We had so much fun making them and talking about the children before I packed them up and brought them with me to China.  It's so exciting when others can be a part of what is going on across the ocean!"

Isaac was amazed.  "Ladies in American made this blanket just for me?!" he wondered.

Hope admired the soft fabric and pretty pattern.

Ari thought his blanket was just perfect to snuggle up under to enjoy a book.

Meredith also brought a wonderful collection of hand-drawn portraits of the children.

"Two high school art classes (one from Tennessee and one from Kansas) came together and dedicated one of their projects to drawing portraits of the children at New Day.  Each of them wrote a special note on the back to the child!"

The kids were so excited to see the pictures of themselves.  The likenesses were incredibly good - the children definitely knew who the drawings were of!

There was something so beautiful about how each student had captured something unique about the child they were drawing.

They had used different styles, some just used pencil while others used bold colors, but they were all amazing and so fun for the children to look at.

We'll take good care of these pictures, and one day they will go with the children to their forever families.  How special to have a portrait drawn for them by someone on the other side of the world!

Thank you, Meredith and friends, for expressing your love for orphans in such creative ways.

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