Friday, February 13, 2015

Will You Be My Valentine...?

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and love is in the air...

Birthday boy Isaac is the only boy in the baby room, so he has his pick of beautiful young ladies.  The only problem is...who to choose?

Olivia is older...but she's pulling your hair, Isaac.  It must mean that she likes you!

Yes, we know, she's so beautiful.  Are you in love?

Oh, you've noticed that Hope is beautiful too, and her standing skills are very impressive...Difficult choice, Isaac.  Or maybe you just have a thing for girls in zebra-print sleepers?

What about the lovely Annabel, downstairs in the toddler room?  Does her heart belong to Nelson?

Or the handsome newcomer, Gideon?

He likes her, but she's not sure...

Oh wait, who is Annabel's 'secret love'?  Lucky Lukas!

 Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow everyone.

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