Sunday, February 15, 2015

NDNorth: Luke's Valentine

In continuation of our Valentines Day theme here on the NDFH blog, I thought that I would take the time to tell you about Luke and Hannah. These two have been spending a lot of time with one another recently, as they are roommates. However, it hasn't been until the last few weeks that we've really watched their relationship blossom. 

Hannah spends some time in the stander every day, and Luke takes a walk down the hall a few times a day. Their nanny likes to have them do this together, and they both really enjoy it.

The other day Hannah got dressed up in a new little red dress, and her nanny took her over to the mirror to admire the new look. It looks more like her nanny is admiring her, while Hannah is distracted with her toy.

Look who dropped in! Handsome little Luke, right on time to tell Hannah how pretty she looks!

Is she pretty, Luke? Can you give her a hug?

Or maybe even a kiss?

Hannah was modest and demure and didn't reveal her emotions during Luke's admiration.... but we think that we caught a blush.

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