Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hospital Princesses

Friday (2/6) was a big day for some of our little ladies! Lily was admitted into the heart hospital in preparation for surgery. She wasn't quite sure what to think when her nanny set her down on the hospital bed, but thankfully her thoughtful nanny Susan had packed some toys, and that kept her entertained while the nurses checked her in. 

And - surprise surprise! - Lily's roommate is Charlotte! Charlotte was admitted on Monday so that the doctors can discuss her case and make a surgery plan. Charlotte and Lily will be hanging out together now as they wait for the surgeons to schedule their operations.

And then someone else popped in! Clara, one of the little ones from New Day North, has been in Beijing the last few months waiting to be strong enough for her own heart surgery. She's been in the care of Little Flower Projects while she waits, and finally a bed opened up and she's been admitted in preparation for surgery. She is still quite weak and thin, but without surgery she's going to continue to struggle, and so the surgeons are going to give her hope, even though her situation is quite risky. 

Lily's nanny for her stay in the hospital is Susan, one of our CCU nannies. Susan is amazing, and has stayed at the hospital with many of our babies before.

Charlotte and her nanny, Hannah, are really close, and after a week of one-on-one time with just the two of them, they are best buddies!

Clara isn't roommates with Charlotte and Lily, but she's right down the hall. How neat that all three girls are in the hospital together?!

Ready for surgery, Clara?

We look forward to hearing that the girls are scheduled for surgery, that the surgeons are ready to operate, and that Charlotte, Lily and Clara can begin their new journey of hope, as they grow and heal. Will you hope with us?

Update: Clara has had her surgery and it went well.  Charlotte and Lily were unable to have surgery before Chinese New Year, when hospital staffing levels will be low, so they have come back to New Day for now and will have surgery after the holiday.

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