Monday, January 12, 2015

Sweet Friends: Hannah and Nelson

It's always so precious to get a little glimpse of the kid's games and interactions with each other.  Our photographer Gan Lu was able to take these beautiful pictures of Hannah and Nelson when they were busy playing...

Hannah LOVES to prepare make-believe food for people and Nelson LOVES to eat, so this was the perfect game.  Hannah 'made' a bowl of tasty food, and offered to feed it to Nelson.

It's hard not to open your own mouth when you're feeding a baby...Nelson enthusiastically ate all the food that Hannah fed him.

When the food was finished, they started having a little 'chat'.

And then what happened?  Hannah gave Nelson a lovely hug and a kiss!

Nelson wanted to give Hannah a kiss in return, but it went a little wrong...

Kissing takes practice, right Nelson?!

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