Sunday, January 18, 2015

NDNorth: Kristiana says Thank You!

The little ones at New Day North got to open their Christmas packages last week. What fun we had! What chaos. What piles of wrapping paper. What stacks of goodies. And goodness did we take a lot of pictures... 

Don't worry - have patience, a blog post full of pictures is coming soon. But until then... here's a sneak peek at some of the giddy joy we had.

Kristiana opened up some Color Wonder markers and a coloring book in one of her packages. How did her sponsors know that she loves loves loves to color? We sat her down at her little table and helped her open the markers so that she could work on a masterpiece. She was very pleased.

In China, the way to say "thanks" without using words is to clasp the hands together in front. Kristiana is not talking yet, but she has a few signs that she uses to communicate with us. Saying "Thank You" is something that she can do, and my does she do it beautifully! 

She's also learning how to color with the markers on the paper. We're thankful for these special markers, because her control isn't good enough yet to keep ink off of her clothes yet, but she can get them onto the paper a good bit of the time and loves watching the colors appear. 

Say "Thank You," Kristiana!

It's amazing to watch these little ones, who face so many challenges, make progress and find joy in their little successes. We are proud of you, Kristiana! 

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