Monday, January 19, 2015

Let your Imagination Soar!

We've taken the kids to lots of different places for field-trips. Sometimes it's the Zoo, sometimes the pool, we've gone strawberry picking and peach picking and once some of the older children even got to visit the airport! 

Educational field-trips are great, but sometimes an adventure to toyland (aka: the Molly Fantasy Playground) is the best of all.

Annabel's buddy for the day was Yvonne, our current OT. Don't worry, Annabel didn't drive the bullet train too fast. 

Millie enjoyed the playground's play kitchen. We have a nice one in the preschool room at New Day, but this one was spotless and full of good food and clean dishes. 

While Millie did the cooking, Cora Jo and Zoe did some shopping... 

A ball pit and rope tunnel? This place had it all!

Something gives me an idea that we'll add the Playground to our list of regular field trips. What do you think?

Lots more pictures in our scrapbook!

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