Thursday, December 25, 2014

NDSouth: A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!  

Today was a wonderful day filled with love, family & friends.  Blessings & reminders of the true meaning of Christmas were everywhere.  We are so excited to share with you our Christmas!  

It all started like this......

 Yes Polly!  Christmas is finally here!

Bing Bing wasn't sure what to make of all the fuss, with this being her 1st Christmas after all.

But soon there came a knock at the door, and all the children were so excited when they saw WHO it was!

 It was Santa and his helpers!  Who happen to look a lot like our Staff here....hmmm interesting!

Well Chloe was sure excited to see all the new toys!

Noelle wasn't quite so sure about this Santa, she snuggled with Anna in her Ayi's arms

Naomi loved opening her presents!  Doesn't she look so pretty in her new pink dress?

Noelle decides that this 'familiar' face is okay.

Hayden was so excited for all the gifts, new toys!

 The children received a new kitchen to play with!

Noelle's favorite toy is this new walker!

Lulu, Naomi and Hayden loved the kitchen and were very busy checking out all the bells and whistles!

I agree Polly, this was a very 'Jingly' Christmas indeed.

Noelle paused just long enough to show off her beautiful Christmas Dress!

Lulu looks festive in her Christmas Dress!  Is that coffee you're serving Lulu?

Naomi, you are a great piano player!

Anna's Ayi showing her how this new toy works!

 Look at her go!

Don't be mislead by Evelyn's expression, she was in awe taking it all in!

They were playing with their new kitchen right up until bedtime!  We are so thankful for the generosity of our sponsors that allows us to buy these awesome gifts!

Doesn't Hayden look cool in his Christmas clothes.

Chloe loves the new piano that transforms from a sitting position into a standing one, perfect for our kids.

Thank you everyone for the generosity that makes this day so fun for the children.

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