Thursday, December 4, 2014

NDSouth: Preschool's Newest Students

Over the last few months our preschool class has changed quite a bit. When a child is adopted or when there's a new addition to our class, the rhythm of our class is bound to change too!  Aside from a couple of our students being adopted, we've also gained a couple of new students in recent months too. Noelle, for instance, joined our class shortly after moving downstairs to our 'big kid' apartment... 

...and we're pretty sure that it doesn't take long to see that she loves class! 

Lulu is our other new student. She joined shortly after her arrival here at New Day South, and though that expression of hers might look rather stoic, don't be fooled! Lulu loves preschool too. Want proof?

Her enthusiasm might take a little longer than Noelle's to come about, but shortly after she raises her hand to let us know that she's attending class...?

Well, then this isn't an uncommon sight to follow. Lulu is usually pretty excited to mark her attendance for the day...and she isn't afraid to let it show! 

 Of course, Lulu can be a serious student when she needs to be one too. She loves the counting cards that we use, and whenever she sees them being pulled out, she's quick to sit quietly and patiently as she awaits her turn.

Naomi sits beside Lulu and is practically an expert when it comes to these counting cards. She's always more than willing to offer Lulu a helping hand before congratulating her once she's done. It's a really sweet sight to see as Lulu looks up to Naomi for help now. 

Noelle really likes the counting cards too. She watches Hayden intently as she awaits her turn...

...and when her turn comes around?  Noelle is always eager to show off her new found ability to count to three! Of course, we're not sure which is more adorable: listening to her count or the smile she flashes afterward!

Music time is another favorite amongst our two newest students. 

Noelle has really taken to learning so many new songs and remembers a lot of the motions. It isn't uncommon for her to ask anyone who plays with her throughout the day to sing the songs that she's learned in class. 

Lulu especially loves learning the motions to new songs. 

Of course, of all of our preschool students, we think it's safe to say that Lulu is our most enthusiastic student when it comes to getting into the motions!  Who knows, maybe she has a future as a dancer one day?!?


Oh yes, these ladies have brought so much to our class. From Noelle's uncontainable excitement and flare... Lulu's contagious enthusiasm and joy, preschool will never be the same again!

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