Sunday, December 14, 2014

NDNorth: Will Stand For Cake

Oh, sweet, squishy Timothy! Our little miracle baby is growing bigger and stronger and we decided that it was time for him to get his turn in the stander each day. Timothy is a warrior, but that doesn't mean he always likes to work hard. Nanny Anna knew just what to do, though, for his first standing session. Cake. 

Cake was being served in the orphanage for another occasion, and Anna wisely served Timothy his portion during his first official standing session. Not bad!

Standing isn't too hard, is it, buddy?

The next day, Timothy tried the stander out again. Oooh, look! I'm in the cake spot again!

Wait!? This isn't cake. These are toys. Mama - cake please!

As Timothy grows stronger and and more stable in the stander, he hopefully won't need a sweet bribe anymore. But until then, as far as Timothy's concerned, therapy is a lot of fun as long as it involves cake!

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