Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Special Sand

Austyn recently received a great gift from his sponsor/'honorary grandma', Barbara.  Special sand!  It looks like regular sand, but it is...sticky.  You can squeeze it and mold it, and it's so much fun.

Our Occupational Therapist has been putting the sand to good use in Austyn's therapy sessions, using it to help address his sensory issues.

As you can see, Austyn is more than willing to touch and explore it.

It's not just Austyn that has been benefiting from 'sand therapy' though...

Talia really enjoyed giving the sand a 'squidge'.

"It looks like sand, but it feels like play-dough!".  Oliver was quite amazed but went on to play happily with it, which is great for his fine-motor skills.

Judah was also able to play with the sand in his therapy session.

Can't you just feel the concentration?

Our Speech Therapist also used the 'special sand' in Lydia's speech therapy session!

It certainly gave Lydia something interesting to talk about.  What have you made, Lydia?

Would you like to see the sand in action?  Rosie is happy to demonstrate...

Don't worry, this sand is much easier to clean-up than regular sand.

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