Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Bouncing Together

Austyn and Nelson have their therapy sessions at the same time and Nelson decided that Austyn's activity looked interesting.

There was plenty of room for two on the 'bouncy bean', so Zoey let Nelson join in the fun.

Did Austyn mind sharing?  Not a bit, he thought it was very amusing.

Look, no hands!  It's an excellent activity for improving muscle tone and balance, which is just what both boys need.

Yvonne turned Austyn around so that he was facing the other way, but he still wanted to look at Nelson...

Therapy is more fun with a buddy, don't you agree Austyn?

How about you, Nelson?  Are you glad that you gate-crashed Austyn's bouncing therapy?

That's a big 'yes' from both boys, I think.

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