Saturday, November 29, 2014

NDSouth: When Evelyn Came Home

In the beginning of October we shared with you the beginning of Evelyn's miracle, and as we asked you to continue hoping with us for the completion of that miracle, it was in the days following that we saw it come to fruition.

Evelyn was only here for two short days before she was whisked away to the hospital for emergency surgery...

...yet it was only a few days after we were told that the length of her stay in PICU was uncertain - as her pneumonia wasn't improving - that we received another phone call. Evelyn was getting better - better enough that a few short days after that call, we were able to bring her home.

 Of course, bringing her home had us a little nervous as she was still so weak and fragile from the weeks she'd spent in the hospital recovering both from surgery and battling pneumonia. As she came home with us, we were cautioned to keep a close check on her oxygen levels while also being warned that if she got pneumonia once more, then her lungs might not be strong enough to fight it again so soon.

Yet as we were concerned for Evelyn's health, and though we kept a close eye on it, we also began to focus on what we imagined was necessary for her emotional healing - love. After having spent weeks in PICU we knew our darling girl was desperate for the love that comes through being cuddled close or oohed and aahed over, and with each passing day, we could clearly see the transformation that was being brought about in her life.

From growing more attentive to becoming physically stronger to a decreasing amount of restlessness, we were able to witness the miracle of love in our darling girl's life, and as we saw it happening, she became healthier before our very own eyes.

We rejoiced when she began playing with toys on her own or when she found the strength to hold herself up once more, and the day when she finally cooed back in that quiet little voice of hers? On that day, we were overjoyed.

Less than a month before, she had been so sick...

...battling for her life...

...and a few short weeks after arriving home, she was playing, cooing away, and flashing a smile that lights up the playroom.

 We think love has had a pretty marvelous effect on Evelyn's life, wouldn't you agree? 

We thought you might, and so we thank you, for all the support, encouragement, and hope that you offered up on our darling Evelyn's behalf. Evelyn's life is only another testimony to the fact that love makes a difference.

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