Thursday, November 27, 2014

NDSouth: Thanksgiving Hats

It's Thanksgiving for our American friends today, and because of that, we've been making some pretty adorable Thanksgiving related crafts in preschool. Of course, though we've made a few different things, we simply had to share the most adorable one of all with you!

It all started with measuring a band to fit around each of their heads. Noelle wasn't sure what to expect next, but as this seemed to be a promising fashion accessory,  she was pretty sure that this was going to be a fun craft from the very beginning.

Ada and Naomi were pretty excited about it too.

Chris, who was also the only boy in class that day, was a little concerned by how excited all of his classmates were.  However, we quickly reassured him that this was going to be a hat and not a hair bow.

Next came the feathers...

See Chris, it's definitely not a hair bow!

Yet with each addition to our Thanksgiving themed hat, our lovely ladies only grew more excited about the final product... 

 ...and with smiles like these, we had to snap a few pictures.

Of course, after a few more photos were snapped, it was time to add a face to our turkey creation. 

Noelle was thrilled when she finally got to try on her creation, 

Naomi was more than willing to strike a pose with her new hat,

Chris was still adorably hesitant with his enthusiasm,

and Ada, like the other girls, was pretty pleased with her hat.

 Of course, with such adorable kids to wear these fun hats, we had to take a group shot. Just look at all of these smiles. Even Chris decided that the hat wasn't so bad after all!

And what's the only thing more fun than making these hats? Wearing them for music time too! 

Isn't that right, Naomi?

Happy Thanksgiving from New Day South!

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