Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Julianna

Julianna arrived here at New Day Foster Home almost two years ago, when she was a sweet little 15-month-old baby.  She joined a foster family with a number of older girls, and was instantly adored. You can read about Julianna's arrival (back then her English name was Camilla) here.

Julianna came to New Day to have eye surgery.  However, when she had seen doctors here in Beijing the decision was made that, since there was no infection or complications with her eye, it would be better to wait until she was older to have surgery.  Her eye disease doesn't cause her any pain, and she has good vision in her other eye.

What a delight to witness Julianna's transformation from a chubby-cheeked baby into a newly-walking toddler...

...and then a beautiful little girl.

When she turned two last year, she became a preschool student

Today, Julianna is a delightful three-year-old and one day soon...she'll be a daughter.  We'll all (especially her foster-sister Zoe) miss Julianna when she leaves to join her forever family, but we're so glad that we got to be a part of her story.

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