Thursday, October 23, 2014

NDSouth: A Growing Little Grady

Grady has been through so much in the almost one year that he's been alive.

Abandoned at three days old and arriving here at four, he wasn't given much hope to survive.... 

...but that was then...

...and this is now.

At just two and a half months shy of his first birthday, Grady is a happy little boy with a smile that could light up a room.

And he's grown so much over the last few months that it's sometimes hard to remember the tiny, sick little baby he was when he came - especially when he's rolling around the playroom floor looking for a new toy to play with.

He'll stare deep into your eyes if you'll hold him close...

...and he's guaranteed to flash a smile before you leave - especially if you happen to know he's ticklish!

Sweet, sweet Grady, your life is miracle, and as you head toward your first birthday, it's certainly not a miracle that we'll ever forget. They weren't sure that you would make it more than a few days, but here you are, Grady. And hopefully one day soon, you'll have a family to celebrate this miracle with you, too.

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