Saturday, October 25, 2014

ND South: When Thad Looks Your Way...

When Thad first came to us here at New Day South, he was really tiny...

...and sick.

Yet after a much needed surgery and some time in CICU, he came home to us.

And when he first came home, Thad slept a lot...

...but we didn't mind. He had some serious growing to do.

And grown he has!

In just a couple of months time we watched him get bigger and bigger as he became more and more alert, and my oh my, how those cheeks have filled out, haven't they?

We're pretty sure that all it takes is one look from Thad to steal a heart, and just think, it only took him six months to perfect it!

Yes, that's right! Thad is six months old this month...and getting cuter with every passing day.

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