Monday, October 20, 2014

A Baking Adventure

Look what we have...a wonderful pile of baking equipment and ingredients (kindly donated by the Parker family).

What could we do with them?  Thankfully, we have some visiting volunteers, and one of them agreed to give a cooking class to our morning preschool kids.

Julie was an excellent teacher.  They made pink strawberry cupcakes!

All the kids had a turn at stirring the batter, and helping to pour it into the cake-cases.

So, what's next?  More eggs being cracked...

Asher, Enya and Zoe watched carefully, dressed the part and hungry to learn.

When it got to the messy part, Asher looked even more interested and Enya was a little concerned!

Lucy needed a little help to roll out the dough...

Eventually there was a tray-full of cookies.

Where could we bake the tasty treats?  Chinese homes do not usually have ovens.

Right next to the preschool, through the new doorway...into our brand-new kitchen!  With a wonderful big oven!

Can't you just smell the aroma of freshly-baked strawberry cupcakes?

The kids were pretty impressed.  Next, it was back to the preschool room to decorate...

Julie demonstrated how to spread on the frosting.  The boys were either in awe of her cake-decorating skills, or very excited about getting to eat the cakes afterwards.  A bit of both maybe?

Lucy chose pink frosting to match her clothes.  Is it time to taste them yet?

Oh yes!  Chef Zoe samples her creation...

Wow, the cookies look amazing.  Good job, guys.

The best part of baking?  The part where you get to lick the spoon.

Want to see more pictures of the baking class?  Check out our scrapbook.

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