Monday, August 25, 2014

A Glimpse Into the Critical Care Unit

One of our Summer Staff volunteers, Emma, is a nursing student so she was assigned to help out in the CCU.  She has written a blog post that gives a glimpse into these special little rooms, which are closed to visitors in order to help keep out germs.

The Critical Care Unit (CCU) is home to four of New Day Foster Home’s adorable children; Ari, Ella, Albert and Reese.  Although these children may be in need of more specialized care than others at the Foster Home, their room is the same as everyone else’s.  Rather than being filled with monitors, machines and loud beeping noises, as most CCUs are, it is filled with toys, blankets and musical instruments.  Spending even a few minutes in this room will make anyone fall in love with each of the children.  Their big personalities shine past their medical conditions.

These children receive some of the most dedicated, inspiring, one-to-one care that any child in a CCU could dream of having.  The four nannies responsible for the children’s care are exceptional and clearly love each child, going above and beyond their duty in providing for each child’s needs.  They know them best and the love between each child and their nanny is evident.

Ari is a little charmer!  He loves to babble away to himself and those who play with him, laughing and smiling frequently.   Any type of rattle Ari will be enamored with, shaking it about, transferring it between his hands and inevitably putting it in his mouth.  He rolls from side to side and turns his body so that he can reach whichever toy he desires.  When he is tickled he shrieks with laughter and tries everything he can to escape!  When his nanny puts him in the rocking chair and rubs his tummy he falls straight to sleep.  He is a very friendly little boy.

Ella is a beautiful little girl!  She adores having her hair brushed and styled with lots of hair accessories. The biggest grin appears on her face whenever someone plays with her hair and it lasts for minutes after.  When she looks in the mirror she is fascinated by the little girl staring back at her and smiles.  Listening to music is one of her favorite activities too.  She especially likes it when someone sings to her, she always looks so joyful when they do.  When her nanny cuddles her she becomes calm and restful. She is such a sweet girl.

Albert is so funny!  He interacts with everyone he meets and calls for his mama frequently, even when she is there.  She says to him “What is it little Albert? I am here!” and he just grins, giggles and keeps calling “Mama!”.  He loves to be cuddled and tickled by his nanny. He grows stronger every day and enjoys rolling about on the floor to reach the toys he wants to play with. He is a determined, sociable little boy.

Reese is such a happy little guy!  He is constantly smiling and trying to catch whoever’s attention he can.  When Ella sits on the floor he scurries over to her and tries to pull her socks off, which both of them find very funny.  Reese enjoys rolling around on the floor, picking up any hard toy he can find and throwing it to the ground, laughing at the loud crash the toy makes as it falls.  He would do this all day if he could.  He loves it when his nanny rocks him back and forth on her knee and sings to him. He is a very cute little boy.

All of these children are blessed to receive such a high quality care which has its foundation in love. Their growth and development, both physically and mentally, is clearly seen each day as their nannies encourage and care for them.  The kids are so lucky to be in such a wonderful Critical Care Unit run by the outstanding nannies at New Day Foster Home.

Thank you, Emma, for giving up 6 weeks of your Summer to love on these precious little ones.  We wish you every success with your nursing studies.

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