Saturday, July 19, 2014

NDSouth: Changes

2014 has been a big year for New Day South. Since the first of the year, six new children have arrived in our care. One of our favorite things is to watch the change that happens right before our eyes. You saw in last weeks post, the changes in Chloe. We thought you might want to see the changes in our other 2014 arrivals. 

First we have Grady, who arrived in January. Here he is then:

Here is Grady today.

Amy also arrived in January:

Here is Amy now.

Anna arrived in March:

Here is Anna now.

Thad arrived in April:

Here is Thad now.

Next we have our temporary medical care girls, Polly and Bing Bing. 

Polly arrived in May:

Here is Polly now.

Bing Bing arrived in June:

Bing Bing today.

We love seeing the changes in these sweet children when they receive love and good medical care. 

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