Sunday, July 13, 2014

NDNorth: Dr. Jean comes to visit!

Dr. Jean's visits to Beijing are always a crazy-highlight of the New Day Summer. For those of you who don't know, Dr. Jean's oldest daughter, Bethany, was one of New Day's first adoptions, back in 2004. Every year since then - so for 10 years! - Dr. Jean has led a team to Beijing to do medical evaluations on the children as well as lead many other things, such as leadership training sessions, etc.

This year we at New Day North were thrilled to find out that Dr. Jean had us on her agenda! While the medial needs of the children up here may not be quite as complex as in Beijing, there are certainly needs and much expertise is needed.

Dr. Jean spent a busy day-and-a-half with us and imparted much wisdom and guidance.

She met with the orphanage's medical staff to do check-ups on some of their children, a few of whom had just returned from Beijing after surgery. She was able to add her opinion to their medical records, which we hope will be of use one day when these children are adopted. 

The orphanage has recently welcomed many new children into their care, which is a heartbreaking problem. We're glad that we could provide them with a bit of extra training from Dr. Jean and her team (a nurse and psychologist) as they determine how to best provide for the children's needs.

Thank you for coming, Dr. Jean! 

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